From time to time I drag myself out into nature. I also drag along a Canon camera and funky enough lens to try and peacefully shoot wildlife. Often I fail, sometimes I succeed (in my humble opinion). I post those pictures to stupid-stupid-Instagram so a minority of the social media masses can admire-like-love-comment their hearts out. Instagram sucks though, as any picture in landscape mode looks lame... and I happen to really like landscape (or call it ultra-landscape) framing. When a picture looks good in an 8x3 ratio I will add them here. For the sake of it.
I post them in a decent enough size to look good on your computer screen, without watermark. If you happen to be evil and plan on stealing these images, sell them and live a caviar-and-champagne-fuelled life of luxury... shame on you! 
Eastern Yellow Robin
Double-barred Finch
Brown Thornbill
Golden Whistler
Eastern Spinebill
Brown Cuckoo-Dove
Eastern Yellow Robin
Australian King Parrot
Red-browed Finch
Brown Thornbill
Rainbow Lorikeet
Superb Fairywren
Superb Fairywren
Golden-headed Cisticola
Silver Gull
Black-shouldered Kite
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